Explained: The Adelaide Crows

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How are the Adelaide Crows backing Escape The State? 

We have teased you all for long enough. A few weeks ago, we posted a video showing nothing more or less than the fact that, in some capacity, the Adelaide Crows are backing Escape The State in 2018. And we think you are going to like the arrangement.

Well, perhaps just the Crows supporters.

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The Route – Escape The State


The full rundown.

Welcome to Escape The State. We are riding from Old Willunga Hill to New South Wales. Look at the map above. To say the least, this trip is seriously significant on a bicycle. Similarly, if you are driving the journey, you will want to know the route well.

Hence this post.

So read with us. Together we are going to breakdown the ride into three big chunks – explaining where the new checkpoints are, outlining the scenery, unpacking the types of suffering at hand, etc. Use this as a resource as you set off from Old Willunga on July 7.

Let’s get stuck into it.

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The Story Behind: Our Slogan


A month ago we announced our new logo.

It carries a lot of meaning. You can read about it here. And in that post, we explained that the picture of the world (in our logo) represents our aim to make a global impact. The image of the world also perfectly represents our slogan to Change the World.

That slogan did not come out of nowhere. In fact, there is actually a story and a thought process behind it. So you might ask – what is the story behind our slogan?

Glad you asked.

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Rallying Behind Ashleigh Moseley

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We have some sad news.

As announced, we have eight riders signed-up for our 2018 Escape The State challenge. Among the team of eight is Ashleigh Moseley. To put it plainly, he is one of the very few who we perhaps could say is over qualified for our massive cycling challenge. He brings a plethora of relevant cycling experience, and a massive heart for the disadvantaged.

But unfortunately, he has had to withdraw his entry for 2018

His sudden withdrawal has shocked our team. Ash is a massive loss for us. A concussion, resulting in loss of memory, combined with enhanced stress in increasing work and study hours, all done with very minimal sleep at night have been the deciding factors. Becoming physically and mentally stable in time for July 7th has proved one hill too far.

But this is not the end of his 2018 campaign.

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Things to Do – Escape The State

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Escape The State.

For some, it will be a day packed start to end with suffering. On July 7th, our riders will effectively be killing the time by killing themselves. But that is only a few of us. Most of us coming along will be in cars – supporting the riders along their journey.

As a supporter or support car, your day will likely not be marked by suffering. In fact, if you intend on following closely the riders on the day, your day will be largely defined by significant chunks of time waiting around for something to do.

So we have made a list of stuff you can do. You’re welcome.

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Welcome Web and Tech!

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Welcome Web and Tech!

We are so excited to have Web and Tech onboard. They bring a great deal of needed experience in the area of web design and technology to the table. And in their short time since being established, they have developed quite the resume.

Web and Tech recently designed our new Escape The State logo – which we announced during the week. See it here. And with the expertise and planning of Web and Tech, we have plans to develop a brand new and improved website for Escape The State.

This is a businesses backer that is committed for the long haul. Web and Tech, unlike some other business partnershipswill be working with us over an extended period of time. And not just on the day of our Escape The State attempt, but throughout the year. To state it simply, this is the beginning of a long partnership.

But this is not the beginning.

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Thanks Southern Vales Christian College!

Thanks Southern Vales Christian College!

Today,  Jonathan Camac (Founder of Escape The State) was invited to the Aldinga Campus to speak at their morning assembly. The awesome teachers and students there made him feel very welcome. As a team, we love nothing more than sharing our challenge with the wider community – and involving all where opportunities present.

More than that, our whole core team has spent significant portions of their lives growing up across the Aldinga and Morphett Vale campuses. It is true that much of the drive and heart behind Escape The State began at Southern Vales Christian College.

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An Open Letter to our Riders

to our 2018 riders


This message is for our 2018 Escape The State riders. Those who will brave the freezing cold in 2018. This message is specifically for you. Those of you who are giving up comfort and ease. Those of you leaving the security of your homes to face the torrent of wind and rain. To those of you leaving on your bikes for the worst 24 hours of your life.

First of all, I would like to officially welcome you. Welcome to the team. I know that you are already well into your training, so this welcome may be overdue. Regardless, it is now in writing. And I look forward to getting on the bike with you all on July 7th. But before we embark on our mission, I wish to impart a few words to you all.

The following is a quote from Theodore Roosevelt. Past American President. Picture him standing at the podium in the White House, delivering these words. Because what he once said is exactly what I want to say to you – to our whole team of cycling legends.

Title of his quote: “The Man in the Arena”

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The #ETS Eating Challenge!

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 1.25.26 PM

We are so pumped about this one.

To this point in time, Escape The State has been solely a cycling challenge. And what a challenge it is. To those who dare, Escape The State will prove one of the hardest things they ever do. Mark our words. This is not a challenge for the faint-hearted.

But now, the challenge is getting even better.

And this new challenge is for everyone. This is not just for our riders. This is for all supporters and support cars. This is for our volunteers. This is for our core team. This is for everyone in a car who ends up in NSW on July 8th. We present to you:

The Escape the State eating challenge. 

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“Stranded” | #ETS STORIES

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 1.31.15 PM

We left Swan Reach at 8:20.

And honestly, the weather could not have been any better. I was optimistic about everything for the first time. We were 40 minutes ahead of schedule. A John Piper sermon was pumping in my ears. I was feeling somewhat refreshed. There was some food in my stomach. Everything was going great – until one seriously defining moment. One strategically placed thorn changes the course of my whole day.

A puncture.

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