Inside The Ride | Matthew Grear


Inside the Ride. 

As we approach the big day of Escape The State on July 6th, we want to get to know our team of riders better. First up for this year is first time participant: Matthew Grear.

Matthew is one of three riders attempting to complete the full distance – 420 kilometres in 24 hours, going through 3 states of Australia – leaving at midnight near the base of Old Willunga Hill, in the middle of winter, and aiming for New South Wales.


Naturally, the preparation and training for this sort of event does not happen overnight. Each rider comes into this with different backgrounds in life and sport, or reasons behind signing up in the first place. So, here is just a small snapshot at Matthew’s.

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Welcome Dornford Building Group!

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 5.24.22 PM

How good is this!

Ahead of Escape The State 2019 on July 6th, we have locked up another major business backer. And we could not be more thrilled to have the Dornford Building Group onboard.

On hearing about our challenge, the magnitude of the event and the potential international impact to help thousands of children in Kenya get a better chance at life, the Dornford Building Group could not have been quicker to accept our offer.

In short, they are a bunch of legends.

What we love about the Dornford Building Group is that they are a local business. You may have already seen them on Facebook under JD Building Works – with informative videos, impressive progress shots, even a post about their tradie-dog employee (must be seen to be believed). One thing is clear: they can produce some quality work.

The Dornford Building Group specialise in bathroom renovations, decking, pergolas, outdoor areas, alterations and renovations, tiling, and general jobs. Support the people that are supporting us! If you need a job done, and you live in the Adelaide region – be sure to check these guys out.

More to come.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela




Welcome Back, Photography Team!


Our Photography Team is BACK!

Last year, two local photographers (Fleurieu Peninsula Photography and Viewpoint Photography) agreed to join our team and shoot the ride. And yep, they are coming back!

And we are thrilled to have them back onboard for another year.

Our photography duo will spend their day hopping between cars, perched on the side of the road, or shooting out of car windows. So keep an eye out for them. On the day they will be wearing bright fluoro vests with an #escapethestate bumper sticker on their backs. So riders, if you see them on the road ahead, be sure to give them a forced smile.

If you follow our Facebook page @EscapeTheState, you will also remember our Top 10 photos from 2018. We will drop some below. The majority of those photos came from the expertise of our duo. And what a team they made! Some real quality shots in there.

Having said all of this, everyone is invited to take photos on the day. If you happen to take any photos, and you wish to share them on social media, be sure to use our hashtag #escapethestate or tag us (@escapethestate_) in the shots. Our team will be keeping a keen eye on all that is going on.



Ryan - back

mum and dad

the boys

Design our 2019 Escape The State Tops!

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 11.21.09 AM
The 2018 Design

Yes, you read that right.

We are offering you the opportunity to design our 2019 Escape The State cycling top.

If your design wins, it will be featured as the 2019 Escape The State team shirt. In addition, you will also receive a free copy of your designed shirt – to be hung up in your bedroom, or worn on your own training rides. It is entirely up to you.


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Interview with Anan McLean


2018 is already behind us.

But it is far from forgotten. As a recap on last year, our team at Escape The State decided we would do some interviews with our riders. Hear straight form the source what planning to ride 420 kilometres in 24 hours (in the middle of winter) is like.

Our first rider off the ranks is Anan McLean. Anan took on our Escape The State challenge in 2018. Anan’s journey, as someone completely new to the sport of cycling prior to 2018, is quite unique. We sent him some questions about his experience in 2018.

This is his story.


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Explained: The Adelaide Crows

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 4.45.43 PM

How are the Adelaide Crows backing Escape The State? 

We have teased you all for long enough. A few weeks ago, we posted a video showing nothing more or less than the fact that, in some capacity, the Adelaide Crows are backing Escape The State in 2018. And we think you are going to like the arrangement.

Well, perhaps just the Crows supporters.

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The Route – Escape The State


The full rundown.

Welcome to Escape The State. We are riding from Old Willunga Hill to New South Wales. Look at the map above. To say the least, this trip is seriously significant on a bicycle. Similarly, if you are driving the journey, you will want to know the route well.

Hence this post.

So read with us. Together we are going to breakdown the ride into three big chunks – explaining where the new checkpoints are, outlining the scenery, unpacking the types of suffering at hand, etc. Use this as a resource as you set off from Old Willunga on July 7.

Let’s get stuck into it.

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The Story Behind: Our Slogan


A month ago we announced our new logo.

It carries a lot of meaning. You can read about it here. And in that post, we explained that the picture of the world (in our logo) represents our aim to make a global impact. The image of the world also perfectly represents our slogan to Change the World.

That slogan did not come out of nowhere. In fact, there is actually a story and a thought process behind it. So you might ask – what is the story behind our slogan?

Glad you asked.

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